Red wines - single varieties

Teperberg moscato

120 NIS

Teperberg Gewürztraminer

45/120 NIS

Teperberg \ Flame \ Castel rose

45/150 NIS

Flame blane

45/150 NIS

Flam Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

55/240 NIS

Castel petit castel

55/240 NIS

Teprberg legacy petit verdot

240 NIS

Castel shardone

290 NIS

Castel grnd win

390 NIS


A lemon arak

arak, lemon juice, sugar ,mint and ice
39 NIS

Apple Martini

vodka, apple juice, lemon juice, Kwantro Liqueur and sugar
42 NIS

Double espresso

espresso, coffee and chocolate liqueur and sweet cream
45 NIS

Starters ‒ Antipasti

Garlic Focaccia

Containing olive oil, garlic, fresh thyme and Atlantic sea salt served with vegan dips
45 NIS

Cheese-Filled Mushrooms

Roasted mushrooms filled with selected cheeses, coated in a crumb crust
and served on a bed of cream sauce
65 NIS

Eggplant Rolls

Filled with cheeses  
and served on a bed of greens and a chilli sauce wrapped un filo dough
65 NIS

Beetroot carpaccio

Thin beet circles, Goat's cheese, walnut  lemon juice, olive oil, mint and hot pepper
65 NIS

Sheep's cheeses salad

Goat's cheese, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes lettuce, Kalamata olievs, almandos and pesto aioli 
65 NIS

Venetian salad

Crusted cheese balls, greens, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms fresh pineapple and glazed pecans in a passion fruit vinaigrette
65 NIS

Bueno Salad

Halloumi cheese, sweet potato, lettuce, pine nut, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms
kalamata olives, dried tomatoes, cashews and onions in a garlic aioli
65 NIS

main course -principali

Baked in an Italian brick oven using premium dough

Bianka pizza

Mozzarella, pecorino,  mushrooms, cherry baby basil and cream sauce
95 NIS

Sicilian pizza

Mozzarella, pecorino, kalamata, dried tomatoes
onion, pesto and tomato sauce
85 NIS

Goat's cheese pizza

Goat's cheese, mozzarella, pecorino
cherry, Kalamata and pesto sauce
85 NIS

Arabiata fettuccine

Freshy home made long pasta
tomato sauce, Kalamata, hot pepper and almandos
95 NIS

Sweet potato and chestnut cream fettuccine

Freshy home made Long pasta
sweet potato cream sauce and and chestnut
95 NIS

Goat's cheese ravioli

Filled with goats cheese
and served in pesto cream sauce
95 NIS

Herbs Aglio Olio goat's cheese ravioli

olive oil, herbs, cherry
Kalamata, dried tomatoes and onions
95 NIS

Mushrooms ravioli

Filled with mushrooms 
and served in cream sauce
95 NIS

Corn cream ravioli

Filled with corn cream
and served in cream sauce
95 NIS

Artichoke tortellini

Filled with artichoke cream and served in cream sauce
95 NIS

Fillet of Dennis

Pan seared in aromatic herbs
served on a bed of baked potatoes and cherry
145 NIS

Fillet of barramundi

Pan seared in aromatic herbs
served on a bed of baked potatoes
145 NIS


Pan seared in aromatic herbs
served on a bed of baked potatoes and cherry
145 NIS

Citrus trout

Pan seared in a passion fruit vinaigrette. served with greens
cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh pineapple and glazed pecans
145 NIS

Dolce picante farewell

Pan seared in aromatic herbs, served on a bed of stir-fried mushrooms,
sweet potato and onion with chilli sauce and date honey
145 NIS

Fillet of locus

Pan seared in aromatic herbs  served on a bed of baked potatoes
145 NIS

Desserts ‒ Dolce


Italian coffee mousse served on a crunchy chocolate biscuit 
with a chocolate coffee ganache and praline crunch
65 NIS

Chocolate mousse

Stratum of milk and white
chocolate mousse with Streusel
65 NIS


Classic vanilla creme brulee with caramelized sugar and amrna cherry
65 NIS 

Hot chocolate pie

Fragments of shortcrust pastry
hot three chocolate ganache, vanilia creme and crumble
65 NIS

Baked cheesecake

In a citrus fruit aroma. Vanilla berries, Caramel cream coating
with supersonic Passion Fruit & Mango and almond Crumble
65 NIS

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